Monday, September 19, 2005

Lookin for the R Dizzle Game of the Week? Well, it WAS gonna be the Eagels vs. the 49ers in hopes of a crazy upset, but I gave up on that after T.O. got a touchdown in the first minute of the game. The real upset of the week came from college football...

UC Davis vs. Stanford - the most hyped up game in Davis football history. Since moving to Division 1 in the NCAA, we (UC Davis) have been dissed, clowned, and mocked. Seeing as though the Pac - 10 Stanford Cardinal (that's right, not the damn birds, but the TREE) sucks, they were predicted to win only one game this season - their opening game against UC Davis.

I, unlike many critics, had faith in my Aggies and I decided to roll down and rep my team down in the South Bay. I rolled to the game with my bro, and the Hater 4 Life Ajay Kamat. Thanks to the Hater's mad hookups we got into the game for free and sat on the 50 yard line on the Stanford side. Lookin around the stadium, I was suprised not see red but a dense blue and yellow area filled with the Cal Aggie Band-Uh. It was mad reppin for the cows.

Although we upset the Cardinal (whatta dumb name...) 20 to 17, I will admit we do have some shitty players. Our kicker couldn't make a field goal or extra point if his life depended on it, which it did, cause I'm sure someone's bout to jump his ass when school starts. That fool missed 3 CRUCIAL field goals and an extra point. AN EXTRA POINT?!?! Aren't these kickers trained to make at LEAST those? I mean damn...I saw the Eagles linebacker make an extra point on Sunday. Either way, the Aggies tore it up gaining double the amount of total yards as Stanford. In the last eight seconds of the game, our quarterback, Jon Grant, threw a three yard pass to WR Blaise Smith to score the game winning touchdown. It was a close game to the end (suprisingly) but somehow the Aggies pulled through. THAT'S RIGHT!!!

Many sport analysists call the UC Davis and Stanford game to be biggest college football upset in history. Sports Illustrated called UC Davis its "Team of the Week." Shotouts to my brother Shai for saying the Aggies were gonna lose, the Hater for the free tickets, the homie Vishal for rollin through, and a big shotout to all my Aggie homies out there. I can say is...FOR SHIZZLE!

Extra shotouts to the 3 Wack Women at the game
#1 - The one that asked me the day after why I wore a Stanford jersey to the game..My brother goes to Stanford!
#2 - The one that bitched me and the Hater out for sitting on the Stanford side..We sat on the 50 yard line..practically on the field!
#3 - The one that said she wasn't gonna go to the game, ended up going, wouldn't sit with me even though she had wack seats, and bounced early...Sigh, not a true Aggie!


At 10:26 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

I'm happy for you hicks... really I am am. God that was some bullshit!


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